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Just Had a Dream About Future 3D Printers

Random Terrain


3D Printer Dream


I was looking through the eyes of a reporter on a big set where different experts sat next to the items that they were going to talk about. For example, the expert talking about food was sitting next to a small area that was set up to look like part of a produce aisle (fresh fruits and vegetables aisle) at a grocery store. It was a recreation of that area on the wall that is always getting sprayed with water when you walk by.


A remote controlled camera followed the reporter around the set. The camera either floated somehow or came down from the ceiling. A fat guy with a beard and glasses talked about how 3D printers have come a long way and how they could create things such as a comfortable pair of socks. The female food expert was talking about how 3D printers would be creating tasty food in less than a year from the time of the interview. She mentioned things like binding agents or something like that.




Another Dream


Right before the 3D printer dream, I had another dream about the future. People would pay to sit and watch highly realistic computer-generated scenes of dinosaurs, war machine battles, and various other things. The scenes were created outside and there were strips of some kind of electric lines on the grass from back to front with little gadgets attached every so many feet along each line. It looked like there was about three or four feet of grass between each line (just picture a bowling alley with electric lines instead of lanes). The creatures and objects were not holograms; they seemed to be made of matter that could be touched if you were allowed to touch them. The creatures and objects didn't damage the lines on the ground or the gadgets attached to the lines, so I don't know how they could be made of matter.


Each person watching sat in a small boxed-in area that was barely big enough for a chair. I guess the boxes were designed to keep people from running out and damaging the equipment or getting hurt by the computer-generated scenes. The area where people sat had a roof over it. It was a building with three permanent walls (front and sides) and the back wall was open to the yard where the scenes played out. Although the audience knew that what they were seeing couldn't go past the electric lines, the scenes were still scary because everything was so real and loud. For example, seeing an elephant on TV is not the same as sitting next to an angry wild elephant.




Random Terrain


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