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Boxing (Activision, Atari VCS, 1980)



Boxing (Activision, Atari VCS, 1980)


We've seen a Boxing game once before! 1978 on the APF-1000MP. I'd actually recorded that play session on a VHS tape which now will not load anything because my VCR won't work. Well, the mechanical bits won't work. The electronic bits still work as a conduit to serve my old consoles. All hail the conduit!


Oooh, boy... boxing... I don't get boxing as a sport. I get that it takes skill, that it's a discipline similar to any skill that involves using the brain and body. I just don't like that competitive boxing's goal seems to be to punch someone until they're unconscious. Other sports might have greater risk for more serious injuries, it just seems odd to me that boxing still happens as a spectator sport. Enough about my bleh-ness on the subject.


Boxing is one of six titles (Six? I don't know why I've always thought there were just four.) in 1980 to be released by a third-party. I'm never totally sure about who the first two parties are. I assume that one would be you, the consumer. The other party would be... the company that manufactures the console itself, in this case, Atari. But which one of those counts as the "first-party" and which is the "second-party". I'm going to guess that Atari would be the first and the consumer would be the second and then out of NOWHERE, comes the third-party, only doing stuff because the first and second parties have done something first.


So, Activision. You know that something named Activision has something to do with the game because they spend precious screen-space to emblazon a logo on the screen to read "Activision". Without squinting, I could tell what the screen was supposed to be: two boxers facing each other in a boxing ring. I always thought it was a pretty fair representation of the sport. No need to complicate things by adding the rest of the body. The point is to knock each other out and the head is the best way to do that.


Bob Whitehead, the designer and programmer had said that he decided to make the rounds two minutes, instead of however long they are in boxing, because... and all he says is "You'll see." I think what he was saying was "Because your button-thumb can't take much more than two minutes if it can even survive that."


This is a tough game for your button-thumb. This is an Atari VCS game I recommend playing with an anachronistic (( Genesis )) controller if at all possible. I thought it was just my old hands complaining, but my son said that he definitely started to feel it after just two games, too.


My son thought it was fun in a very simple way - like most games from this era. Not quite the strategy of the games he's into now (DOTA2), but it was short so no biggie. We both particularly liked the animation of the punch landing on the face of the other player and how it collapsed into the rest of his head. We were slightly disappointed that there was nothing to celebrate a KO other than the score changing to show "KO" but we weren't really surprised either.


The game has difficulty options which control the speed you move. A difficulty and you're moving slower, B difficulty and you're moving faster. If you want to give your boxing opponent an advantage, set your difficulty to A and theirs to B. If you want a fairly tough game, put yours at A and play the computer on B. You'll likely manage to win, but your thumb will be sore so who's really the winner?


I decided to see what the computer would do if you just let your player sit there and do nothing. The reactions varied. Sometimes the computer would come over and immediately start beating on the uncontrolled player-boxer and other times it would pause a few moments before starting the beating. Regardless, about "halfway to KO" the computer would step back a bit, as if to give the player a break, but still dancing around as if to say "So... you gonna fight or what?" and then continue beating the snot out of the uncontrolled boxer-player.


Quick video here of the computer (console player?) player beating the uncontrolled boxer-player. No, it's totally not exciting but I posted it anyway.


http://youtu.be/WSyW3lKDsSE (Yes, it's a dead link. I'm sorry.)


Anyway, it was fun to see Boxing again. If I had to pick a way to compare it to the Atari games that had come out before it, and I'd say it seemed more "solid" and the graphics seem better defined with no blinking.


(( Warning: Anachronistic Reference


I asked my son "Who's that Pokemon?" and he immediately said "oh, ha. Geodude." ))


Annnnd, next time... let's try Fishing Derby, a game I don't think I've ever played!

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Hi! Oh, no, it was the blog software itself telling me that it couldn't post, my post was too long.


I guess I'll try again. Maybe the photo was too big or something.

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Nice review. I quite enjoy this game, but all I can see when I look at the players are those anatomy-textbook diagrams of the female reproductive system -- hence our house nickname for it: "Fallopian Tube Boxing".

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First Party : developed by the console manufacturer - Mario Kart 8


Second Party : published by the console manufacturer, but developed by an outside entity. IP is typically owned by the console manufacturer - Pokemon X/Y


Third Party : independently developed & published


Slightly different interpretation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_developer

Aaaaah, okay, the veil is lifted. Thank you. I never knew that. I think I was thinking it was sort of a 1st person (We made this) 2nd person (you bought it) and 3rd person (someone else sold something else to you that works with it) but I get it now. Thank you for the explanation. : )

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"Let's pummel each other's uterus with our ovaries! It'll be fun!"




​Ok, this game is extremely fun! Had a blast fighting the CPU. Wish I could play this with someone else. I don't think any of my friends would want to come over to play a 1980's game with me. :P But yeah, this was surprisingly entertaining!


Thanks for that explanation EricBall. I was aware of the 1st and 3rd party definitions, the 2nd party was news to me. Good to know!

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