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MIXMATCH.APP another game for Diamond





I think my son starts worrying about me when I get out the old Atari Computer. This time he’s trying to lure me away from the “Atari side” with a Windows 8 tablet computer. Making the jump from NT to Windows 8 and getting use to the new USB keyboard would make anyone miss the good old days. I do long for the day when a system restore was a matter of turning off the computer and reinserting the cartridge.


Just yesterday I had 41 updates. Remember the days when you had to get it done right the first time? There were 3 versions of Diamond and can you imagine what it might have become after 28 more….and that’s for one day.


Once, I had a hard drive crash on my netbook. I had swapped out the drive for more capacity and saved the old one as a spare. After 4 years there were more than 350 critical updates when the power was put to it. Wish I was getting paid by the hour when I fixed that problem.


Now here is another opportunity to get Mix n Match to play on your dAtari system. It may help you pass the time while installing your updates. I’m sorry that it won’t help if you are using an emulator.



Mix n Match

By the Pack

C 1991


Mix n Match is an old game. Simply find the matching symbols on the 6 by 6 play board. Well maybe not so simple, after they have been mixed up and hidden.


To run Mix n Match, boot up your computer with the Diamond GOS. Place the disk with MIXMATCH.APP and MIXMATCH.DFT into drive one. Open a window and double click on MIXMATCH.APP.


There are three ways to play Mix n Match. Chose which way you wish to play by setting the MODE. Click on the mode type in the menu bar. A check will appear before the mode that is active.


PLAYER1 - practice mode. You just keep playing till the board is empty.


PLAYER2 - This is the two player mode. Each player can try to make matches until two non-matching tiles are picked. The program will turn control over the other player. Keep an eye on the bottom of the game box. Before a player picks their first square, whoever is up will be in inverse letters.


COMPUTER - The computer will give you some competition. I did not give the computer perfect memory so there is a real good chance you can win against it.


After the mode is set, select START-GAME from the menu bar. The symbols will be scrambled and the game area will be displayed. Pick two squares by pointing and clicking to them. If they are a match your score will be increased and you will be able to try again. Fail to make a match and control of the mouse should be turned over to the next player.


Any time the "QUIT" at the bottom of the screen is inverted you can quit the game by clicking on it. To return to the Desktop select QUIT on the menu bar.




Mix n Match uses a standard 8X8 Diamond FONT. If you get tired of the symbols that come with the game you can create your own. "x" - is used for the game board square. The letters "a-r" are to be redefined for use as symbols. The program looks for a font with the file name MIXMATCH.DFT in drive 1. Save the new font with this file name. Be sure to have a copy of the original font somewhere safe before it is deleted or changed.





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WOW, Ive been looking for games are made for Diamond GOS!

You'll have to let me know if you get the game running on your system. No one said they couldn't get it to run, but then no one has said they did.

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Ok, Ive just got some free time on my hands and Ive tried out MIXMATCH.APP, It doesn't run but I do get a menu screen when I start the game it just crashes. :( I'm using SuperDos 5.1 800Xl with the RAM320XL. and Diamond 2.0

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Ok, Ive just got some free time on my hands and Ive tried out MIXMATCH.APP, It doesn't run but I do get a menu screen when I start the game it just crashes. :( I'm using SuperDos 5.1 800Xl with the RAM320XL. and Diamond 2.0


I wrote this program on a stock 130XE, 1050 using Atari DOS 2.5, and Diamond 3.0.


I checked the source code and think it should work on Diamond 2.0. Diamond 3.0 has 2 extra functions - FILESELECT(56) and MESSAGEBOX(57). I found no reference to these functions in the code. The program is compiled starting at $2000. Could this be causing a conflict.


The program looks for a DIAMOND font file in D1:MIXMATCH.DFT. You can run APP from any drive but the font file must be on D1:. I used the macro from IOMAC.M65 to OPEN the font file. Not much error checking. For me, when I rename the file and load the program, it runs the drop down menu and crashes when I start the game.

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