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Updated assembly-6502 and batari BASIC mode files



DPC+ registers have been added to the assembly-6502.xml mode file for 2600 development.


The zero and hex problems have been fixed and DPC+ registers have been added to the batari BASIC.xml mode file.


See the prior blog entry for how to add the mode files. The assembly entry for the catalog file is:


<MODE NAME="assembly-6502"      FILE="assembly-6502.xml"
                                FIRST_LINE_GLOB="*PROCESSOR 6502*"/> 


Mode files:


batari BASIC.xml.20140928.zip



Catalog file, for reference:




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Thanks to some prodding by iesposta, I figured out how to use jEdit to compile assembly code and run the resulting bin via Stella!


I'll post a blog entry detailing the configuration changes in the next day or two.

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I have a question, though I've done this in linux now I'm trying it on windows but I can't get the batari Basic mode file to work and instead it shows vbscript, am I the only that has had this problem?

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In jEdit do this:

  • Select Utilities menu


  • Select jEdit Home Directory submenu


  • Select Modes menu entry


  • Select catalog from the list of files


  • Locate the following lines:

    <MODE NAME="vbscript" FILE="vbscript.xml"

    FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{vbs,bas,cls}" />


  • then either change it to this to disable vbscript recognition:

    <!-- MODE NAME="vbscript" FILE="vbscript.xml"

    FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{vbs,bas,cls}" / -->


  • or change it to this to disable just the recognition of bas files as vbscript:

    <MODE NAME="vbscript" FILE="vbscript.xml"

    FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.{vbs,cls}" />


You'll probably need to quit/rerun jEdit after saving the change.
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