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VIEW83.APP – GR.8 viewer for diamond





Summer is coming to a close and soon it will be too cold to ride the bicycle. I’m running out of old programs to post and look forward to writing new ones.


When I wrote this one back in 1990 I had a lot of hiRes pictures that were produced using Graphics Master and Map Ware (APX). Both these programs (and a lot more) save pictures in a 62 sector format. It is saved screen memory without compression.


The HiRez is also used for the Diamond Desktop. So knowing how to load background pictures (I think they call it wallpaper now.) can have its uses. I’m not sure what I was thinking back then but I’m thinking graphic adventures at the moment.


The zip files contain revision 3. It uses the file select function in Diamond 3.0. The first version used the MAC/65 file select macro. This worked well but the default file extension was .PIC. The second was to fix a bug and the default extension was changed too .GR8.





To Run-


1. Open a window to the disk with View8 on it.

2. Click on VIEW83.APP to run.

3. Put the disk with the pictures into the disk drive (having them renamed with extension GR8 is a good idea)

4. Click on Load-picture in the drop down menu.

5. Now use the file selector to select a file.




With any luck the file will load. It will overwrite the menu bar titles but don’t worry. When the mouse is moved to the menu bar the selections will drop down. Luckily there are only three options. The first is the ACC list. If SDUMP.ACC is active you should be able to print out the screen. The second is for Load Picture and the Third is to quit VIEW8 and return to the desktop.




This is one of those “it worked for me..you’re on your own” programs. If you have problems and find a fix, I’d like hear all about it.


VIEW83.zip contains VIEW83.APP and VIEW83.M65


GR8.zip – assorted pictures/maps




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