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Able to Test batari Basic Games on a Real TV Again

Random Terrain


After getting a smaller computer desk a couple of years ago, I no longer had room for my little color TV. I had to jump through hoops to make my Atari 2600 work with the LCD HDTV that I use with my computer and Xbox 360. It looked OK, but it wasn't the same as 'normal' TV.


My sister was getting rid of her 20 inch flat screen TV since she moved on to HDTV, so I brought it home and spent hours rearranging things and now the TV is on the top shelf above and behind my HDTV. I hooked up the Atari 2600 to it with a Harmony cart plugged in and it looks great. Now I can test my batari Basic works in progress on a real TV again. It's nice to see the graphics on a non-HDTV, the way it's supposed to look.




Random Terrain




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It's a shame that HDTV sets don't often understand a 240p signal. I do have a workaround for my HDTV, though I find I still prefer playing on the real Atari that's hooked up to my C= 1084S.

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