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Searching for a Word Near Another Word (Proximity Search)

Random Terrain


I recently got a friendly virtual kick in the pants from a couple of people to get back to work on my release date pages for Atari 2600 games:






Since then I've been searching long full text versions of old magazines using Google, but it has been taking too much time to find info for a single game. If you search for a game name with VCS OR 2600, it's not very helpful since the game could be for any console or computer and VCS or 2600 could be anywhere within the full text of the magazine. The Google toolbar lets me quickly click to each occurrence of the game name on the page, but it can still take a long time when I have to do that on so many dead end pages.


I got tired of following so many dead ends and feeling like I was going to rub the fingerprint off my clicking finger, so I Googled "search for a word near another word using Google." That led me to the term "proximity search" and that led me to a Wikipedia page which led me to the page below that talks about the AROUND search operator:




Thanks to that page I can now limit how close one word can be to another in the full text, so there are fewer Google search results and there is more of a chance that each result will be useful. This should speed things up.





Random Terrain



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