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January Savings




Purchased a couple shows in January, Archer, Season 6 and King of the Nerds, Season 3. However, as mentioned back in December, I received an iTunes gift card over the holidays so purchases would be "received as gift" until the card was used up. I've also bought a couple apps and ebooks, so the gift card balance is down to $8.74.


It's time for the annual rate increase of what I would have paid DirecTV - that'll now be considered $156 per month. Since there was $0 for purchases, that's $156 in savings for the month and $3130 in savings since January 2013. Balance remaining to pay off the setup is $586.


I'm down to 1235 recorded episodes and the Drobo has 3.7 TB of free space so I don't expect to be buying another drive for it in the next few months. As such, I think cumulative savings will pay off the setup at the end of May :D


I was at Fry's today and decided to check out the 4K sets. Not planning to get one yet, was just taking a look. The route to the registers took me down the TV Remote aisle and I spotted the Logitech Harmony Adapter for Playstation 3. Picked it up and paired it when I got home - it's nice to finally be able to control the PS3 using the universal remote. Works well, though there is a slight delay when using it as it has to receive the IR signal, decipher it, then retransmit the appropriate signal via bluetooth. Only thing I don't like is the PS3 will only support 1 remote. I've never had more than 4 controllers paired, so it would have been nice if this could have paired as device 6 while the remote stayed paired as device 7. Oh well.





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I don't have a usage cap, but the content aspect is part of why I'm not planning to get one yet. I was an early adopter for HDTV back in 2001, only because my prior TV had died and I couldn't see replacing it with an SDTV, but I at least had 9 HD channels via cable.


I don't believe my mini could drive a 4K display either, so that would also have to be replaced. The current mini can handle it, but it appears to be only at 30 Hz - yuck. I suspect by the time I replace the TV and mini that the DVR Project savings will cover the cost.

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