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Houston Art Car Parade 2015



After many years of inviting them, my sister and her family are finally coming up for the Houston Art Car Parade!


Not only that, my brother-in-law is entering a vehicle! Here's a teaser - what could it be?!?! I'll add more photos later.



The parade's been moved up a month, this year it'll be on April 11th instead of in May. Temperatures should be much nicer.




On the track!



The Hot Wheel has arrived!



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He might be planning that.


I've not seen the track in person yet - he built it last night and they live 200+ miles south of me.

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I brought up the red connector and the response was "Oh crap....." so I gather he forgot out that ;)


Per my sister it's already in motion.

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LOL - probably not, but I'll mention it!


I don't recall our clamps being purple. A quick search turned up this photo with a yellow one and a red one, as well as this blue one, so they were probably available in a variety of colors.


I was up at Fry's this weekend to check out 4K monitors and walked past their small Hot Wheels section. The track connectors are now blue, and have been redesigned with a push-button to make it easier to take the track apart. The new track pieces have a half-circle cutout at the end so when two track pieces are joined they make a circle for access to the button. There's also a small hole next to the cutout that the track connector attaches to.

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My brother-in-law and his dad arrived yesterday afternoon so my mom and I went into town to have dinner with them (they're staying at the hotel closest to the parade's staging area). My sister arrived late last night, after mom & I had already returned home.


Eric had shirts made up for everybody, complete with our names like the one he's wearing in the photo. We'll all be wearing them today!

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Eric's plan was for the track to be suspended from the jeep, with cutouts for the wheels. He ran out of time to do that. He plans to have that worked out for next year.


The jeep's transmission is in need of work so he didn't want to tow the trailer. He had trouble shifting into gear a few times and even stalled out once, though that was after the parade was over and we where on our way to meet everybody back at the hotel.

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