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learning Unity



For those who've never heard of it, Unity is a cross-platform game creation system: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_(game_engine)

You can use it to develop games for current systems including Windows, OSX, web, IOS and Android. Free to download & use and practically free if you ever decide to sell your creations.


Lurking on gamasutra, I've known about Unity for a while. But I'd never considered actually using it until they announced Unity 5 and I realized there was zero reason for me not to.


First, let me say that Unity is f'ng amazing. Out of the box it does amazing 3-D graphics, lighting & collision detection. For someone used to coding close to the metal it's like going from crawling to flying.


Now, there is a pretty steep learning curve starting out. While the UI is fairly intuitive, there's no "beginner mode". And there's the whole "how do I do what I wanna do"? But there are tutorial videos out there (which are also free). Unfortunately, they often are using earlier releases (so some UI differences) or show features only available out-of-the-box with the paid Pro version. (Not to say these can't be done with the Free version, but the content isn't included in the install.)


Currently my hope is to actually get my 14yo son interested enough to start crawling up the learning curve himself.




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I think Nintendo generally licensed Unity for WiiU/3DS development, so you can possibly release your works there without having to pay any license fees for it :)

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