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jEdit for IDE?



I started messing around with jEdit to see how it well it would work for coding an Atari game. I've begun writing the syntax highlighting rules(the attached xml file) that currently highlight as shown in the screen capture.


To use the syntax highlighting, put the assembly-6502.xml file in the MODES directory of jEdit. Then edit the catalog file in the same directory and add the following.

<MODE NAME="assembly-6502"	FILE="assembly-6502.xml"    FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.asm">

I had to disable the assembly-x86 as it also uses *.asm for the file extension. I disabled it by changing its entry as follows(removed the *)

<MODE NAME="assembly-x86"	FILE="assembly-x86.xml"    FILE_NAME_GLOB=".asm" />

There's a FIRST_LINE_GLOB mode selector that I think should be able to pick up on the PROCESSOR 6502 line(provided it's the first line in the file), but I haven't gotten that working yet.






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Wonder how hard it would be for me to switch my habits to using jEdit? Right now I mostly use PC-Write 3.01 which I've used since 1987. It was pretty fast on a 4.77MHz XT; it's really zippy on newer machines.

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Up until now I've been using TextEdit, the Mac equivalent to notepad/winpad. What little syntax highlighting I do have working is quite nice compared to monochrome icon_wink.gif

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I see, so you're on a Mac. If you were a Windows developer I'd still recommend Textpad. It is so good in fact, that my boss even licensed it for use in our company ;)

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I used to use OS/2 all the time(even did some emulator ports for it - I'm rather found of how I indicate the active controllers in Stella/2). I've also experimented with Linux. In 2003 a friend gave me an old PowerMac G3 with OS X. I was really impressed with what Apple did with *NIX and now have a 20" iMac G5.


I code for Windows, so I am familiar with it.

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Hehe... in our company everything shifts from C++ to "Web". I didn't even once open VC++ or .NET this year yet, all I get to see is Neatbeans.


And what pain it is... instead of code-compile-works, you have to screw around with CSS/HTML/javascript/JSP/JNI and JAVA all at once, making it run under Firefox, Opera, Netscape and IE - all in a dead slow JAVA written IDE, that requires 1G RAM already to even start working...

(Well, at least Netbeans offers some means to debug all that patchwork... ;))

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Currently we code in VB6 and PL/SQL though are looking to change the VB6 to something else but not .NET. We've started to evaluate Eclipse and JDeveloper. Currently everything we do is for in house use so we just need to test for the 2 browsers that are in use(IE and Firefox).


Last night I got the hex to highlight correctly in jEdit. The problem is the built in routine expects a decimal digit somewhere in the number. Works fine if you're using 0xFF, but not for $FF. The new way I do it also makes the $ highlight. I've got a few more tweeks to do and will probably put up a new edit mode file and screen shot tonight.

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Currently we code in VB6 and PL/SQL though are looking to change the VB6 to something else but not .NET.  We've started to evaluate Eclipse and JDeveloper.


If it helps, we switched from Eclipse to Netbeans earlier this year. The built-in ready-to-go Tomcat together with the ability to debug just made none here regret it. They also just went from "beta" to stable with the current release a week or two ago. Before that we used GeI. We switch pretty often it seems. Since we're soon going to use JSF for some future projects, we're currently evaluating Suns Java Studio Creator which seems to be all the rage for that. Of course most of this would be overkill for PL/SQL :)

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Thanx! I've dropped a note to the others with the Netbean's URL so we can check it out.


Most of our programs are custom reports where we query our ERP system's data in Oracle and either display it in a grid or dump it to a report. The PL/SQL routines let us simplify the queries and VB programs which improves our coding productivity. I do have some programs that use a class I wrote that lets the program act like a user for logging onto websites and retrieving data. I had to come up with that when our biggest customer switched from EDI to a web site for providing us with orders so that we could maintain our data automation.

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