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June bugs




I am too old. I remember when Cartoon Network showed nothing but Bugs Bunny cartoons during the entire month. Now that wouldn't fly, simply because of their insatiable urge to show Family Guy and Bob's Burgers reruns in the morning during Adult Swim. I still think it is a lousy idea, and the only high point now is "Off the Air." since they keep cancelling the good shows. Anyway, I got a desire to work on Insecticide for Virtual Boy again. This time, I worked some more on the fighter select screen. Before, the characters just floated back and forth. I thought that looked rather silly so I thought I could do better. I got them walking easily, but the hard part was trying to figure out how to make them face the correct way while doing so. I ended up with a method that doesn't look and work the way I wanted it to, but it works. The problem is when you scroll the characters left and once they appear at the stopping point, they turn the other way. But that leads to the solution of the problem I was having, and I'll probably not change it since nobody really cares any more, at least on Planet Virtual Boy. The next thing to do is change the "Chris's Chrappy Chreations" title screen card. I have a vision of Gi-Ant walking across the screen during the music playing. And yet here I am talking about the Virtual Boy. I am not that old, I remember when it came out in stores. I was 12 at the time and I asked my dad if he would buy me a Virtual Boy. He of course said no. I should have convinced him that Jack Bros. was a Super Nintendo game and then save it in case I ever got a Virtual Boy. But who knew it would be so rare and expensive? And why? Is it really that rare? Or is it just the (crappy) eBay selling prices effect? Some moron on eBay lists something for an outrageous price, then others follow suit so you can't find it for a sane price any more. How is it that some games are worth MORE now then when they were selling brand new? But at least my 2 favorite not-yet-released Wii-u games now have solid release dates (unless they change.)


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Family Guy has been bad for nearly 10 years. Why do people still like it anyway?


Boomerang won't even do a June Bugs marathon either.

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