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I survived




I survived the power outage! Thankfully it was only out for about an hour, between 10:45 and noon. Luckily, since right now at 2pm it's 94 degrees. They're forecasting 100 for today and tomorrow, so I'm glad the power is back on. I played my GBA and Pokemon Mini all the time. I've been watching the Weather Channel. The town called Pee Pee, Ohio had thunderstorms. Seems fitting. I've also been wanting more Dreamcast games. I'm going to have a new game thoughts entry, too. I went to a store, Skies of Arcadia was $79. Chrono Trigger for the SNES was $117. Are these games really that rare, or is it just because they're considered great games? I wouldn't know because I didn't buy either of them obviously, because I don't play RPGs. I wish I could make a Dreamcast game, probably I'd get as far as my PS1 attempt. So I'm glad that other people are doing it.



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