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BattleBots 2015



Watched the second episode last night, which covered off the remaining 8 battles in the first round. Unfortunately, that made it a little rushed compared to the first episode which only covered 4 battles. It also meant that a bunch of the teams didn't get their 15 minutes of fame before getting knocked out.

I'm now regretting deleting the first episode off my PVR, I want to go back and make notes about each of the battles. Maybe I can find it online somewhere.

Highlight of this round was watching Tombstone KO Counter Revolution with the BattleBots equivalent of a Mortal Kombat fatality. Sorry boilerbots, you need better armor if you're in the heavyweight class. Although it sounds like it they also made a tactical mistake: http://boilerbots.com/robots/counter-revolution/

The addition of flame weapons makes for great TV, although so far it hasn't actually disabled an opponent.


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