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The Ultimate File Explorer (2009)




So today I was going to write an article for this blog about generally the tactile feel you simply don't get from a tablet or touch device, and when I pulled up my blog here was this article I started to write. Wow.

Yeh the

was a phone I really enjoyed there for a bit. Suffice to say I had to move on, but you will see how I did that in the next article. The phone age of java devices was a fun one. I played with a variety of games, a text editor, a bible program, a app that turned your screen into a flashlite (as best it could). It was the precursor to the iPhone and Android age we have now.

And one thing I tend to do when I have a device in my pocket is find a way to expand it into a computer. There is the temptation to see how much I can do on my portable device and basically make my laptop and desktop a backup storage media for my portable device.

I got some joy doing this with the Macintosh Duo (Dock) system. Walk along with a 68040 (or I believe there was a early PPC version as well?) that you use on the go, and then slide the computer in like a video tape into a dock, it self loads, and bam! Desktop. Beautiful.

The following was a helpful application that I found for the SGH-a727 which allowed me to scan through the files on the phone and move things around. I think no matter what device you have, a good file system browser is a must.

Not even sure the hyperlinks still work. Just a nod to a older age of phone tech that I enjoyed.

Doctor Clu

The Ultimate File Explorer
Provided By: VoodooCode Category: Development, Productivity, Utilities Platform: Java Distribution: Full Version
Read more at http://www.mobilerated.com/fileexplorer-4767.html#UR24zSMjcYL0b6pt.99
This is the last file manager that you will ever need! The Ultimate File Explorer contains all the essential features that you will ever need in a file manager (including sending files via Bluetooth). Just try it for your self! Visit voodoocode.110mb.com for help on how to set file permissions.
Read more at http://www.mobilerated.com/fileexplorer-4767.html#UR24zSMjcYL0b6pt.99

On your mobile phone browser go to http://GETFREE.CC and enter this download code: 4767
Read more at http://www.mobilerated.com/consumer/download.html?product_id=4767&dcode=aaw#mdOajF6SMEHhlP0p.99


In order for this application to work, the following applications permissions need to be set:

Connectivity -> Always allowed
Read user data -> Ask every time
Edit user data -> Ask every time

Setting permissions:

1. Select Applications from the menu.
2. Select ‘Java world’.
3. Select ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’.
4. Select options.
5. Select permissions.
6. Set the permissions.

Nokia Series 40:

1. Find ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’ on your device and select it.
2. Select options.
3. Select application access
4. Set the permissions

Nokia Series 60:

1. Select tools from the menu.
2. Select Manager.
3. Select ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’ from the list of applications.
4. Select suite setting.
5. Set the permissions.

Sony Ericsson:

1. Find ‘The Ultimate File Explorer’ on your device and select it.
2. Select more.
3. Set the permissions.

Note well:

Not all devices support Bluetooth for Java!

The Ultimate File Explorer supports hiding file and folders. It should be noted that some devices still display hidden files (e.g. media files) in their media browsers.
Read more at http://www.mobilerated.com/fileexplorer-4767.html#UR24zSMjcYL0b6pt.99


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