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Affordable LED Lightbulbs

Random Terrain


Got 3 LED bulbs a couple of days ago and I like them so far. Each one was 2 dollars and something instead of 7 dollars or more, so I took a chance.

I plan to buy more over time. They seem to be brighter than normal 60 watt bulbs, but only use 9.5 watts. They also seem to be safer than curly fluorescent bulbs. They'll supposedly last 13 years, but I doubt that. The estimated energy cost for one bulb is $1.14 a year.


Got 12 '40s' and 8 '60s' today (Saturday, July 12, 2015). Now every light hole in the house has an LED bulb in it.

Random Terrain


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I've been migrating to LEDs as I replace bulbs as well. Cree recently came out with a fluorescent tube replacement that does not require you to rewire the fixture, a friend picked one up and said he likes it. When my kitchen bulbs next need replacing I'll put those in, but it'll be a while as I'd put in new tubes before hearing about Cree's option. One thing I'll need to figure out is if their T8 bulbs be used in place of the T12 bulbs I have - the spacing of the power pins appears to be the same, but there might be other compatibility issues.

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The problem in our house is we have so many different kinds of lights - lamp lights, flood lights, track lights. The price to adopt LED unnerves me when I think about how many different kinds and types would have to be replaced, and when the commercials say they last "two to twenty years" I just end up thinking I'll be on the TWO side and end up spending tons of money.

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