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The earth is not flat...




...or at least we're supposed to think that.
All "flat earth conspiracy theories" aside, I thought it would be nice if the earth in the Capt. Bruce game for the 2600 would be rounded. After spending a few more hours of various means of trying different minikernels, nada. Then, it hit me. Why not use player 0 as the curve? I could put it on the right side of the screen and it would go back to the other side and if designed right and put in the right space, it would have the effect I want. But this meant player 0 could no longer be the enemy. I had a ball left. I thought "what could I do with a ball?" I tried making it twirl around. It ended up looking more like a dragonfly than it twirling around. So I made it a dragonfly. I added a few more things, and changed a few more things from the version I posted last night and the Earth is now rounded.
And it's supposed to be 105 today. It's 99 right now, and we still have a few more hours left where the temperature could jump even higher (it's a quarter past 3 now.)

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