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Disk drive's higher price than the computer itself



I noted in mid 1980s the disk drive becomes popular to North-America even if it costs more than the computer itself


If you think the disk drive at $249 is expensive, take a look when the Commodore 64 is introduced in 1982.


Commodore 64 is at $599.00 and the disk drive at $399.95

The computer is more expensive than the disk drive.

At $249, I would buy a disk drive.

I wonder how much a disk drive is in Europe since people keep buying cassette games.

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When the computers are introduced outside C64? I don't know.


One or two years later? Yes. The disk drive has higher price than the computer itself.

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I remember this vividly, because my parents got me a Commodore game for Christmas, and when I opened it up and it was on a floppy disk I cried and threw a fit because WE COULDN'T AFFORD A DISK DRIVE. They thought it was on a cartridge and didn't know.


They eventually saved up the money and got one but the game got returned in the meantime and they got me a cartridge instead.

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