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I noted some websites now support Unity to play games unstead Flash.

So I decided to try Unity too.

If the installer is about 700 kb, the whole installation takes forever to load. I suspect the data is about one gig or even more.

I first thought Unity is a plug-in for browsers but it's something else.

After the whole installation is complete, Unity starts and I get this:


WHAT IS THAT??!!! Do I need to open an account to play Unity games?

It's more like open a Flash account to play Flash games. It's stupid.


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Guest NTNgear


You don't need a Unity account to play Unity games. You've downloaded the wrong program.


"Unity" (a.k.a "Unity3D") is a program for creating games (kinda like Adventure Game Studio). There is also a seperate browser addon that allows you to play Unity games directly on a website, called the "Unity Web Player".


Basically, you've downloaded the Unity game engine instead of the Unity Web Player. You get the web player from here: https://unity3d.com/webplayer


The Unity Account is so you can download sample files and purchase addons for the Unity game engine from the Unity Asset Store.

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