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A page of fun



Something made me think of the extremely small games article on my website (here: http://www.atari2600land.com/articles/ram.html) So I figured since I was in an Odyssey 2 sort of mood, seeing if I could fit an entire game into one page (256 bytes.) My first attempt is called Godzilla. You are Godzilla and you try to roast people with your fire breathing skills. Since this is only 256 bytes, there is sadly no room for a score. To roast an unlucky human, press ACTION. This is kind of like my challenge of me making 2k games, only on a much smaller scale. Frankly, I was surprised I could fit this all in 256 bytes. So anyway, here is the binary file in case you want to play with it. It's not a very interesting game, just something I did because I was bored.


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