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Go! Sudoku (PSP)



I got a new PSP console. The one I had before had a major problem: The D-pad sometimes went crazy even when I didn't touch it sometimes. I noticed this on Go! Sudoku, where the cursor kept traveling weird directions even when I wasn't pressing the d-pad or the joystick. So now the new PSP solves that problem. But there's two problems with Go! Sudoku that can't be solved no matter what PSP you try. It's just plain poor programming. The first problem arises when you put in the game for the first time. It tells you that you don't have the required amount of save space, even when your Memory Stick is completely empty. It says right on the box that it's about 656 KB worth. I had an 8-gig Memory Stick brand new and it told me that. So, you can't save your progress on it. Which means you have to start a new game every single time. Which would be an even worse thing if sudoku puzzles can be memorized. Second problem arises when you're plugging the numbers away on your puzzle. This big message comes up blocking your puzzle view for five seconds or so and it says "Please Wait." What did I do? Sometimes I'm thinking and not moving anything and it pops up. This also usually happens about 5 times per puzzle. A third minor issue is that the timer keeps going even when you can't put info in it. And the puzzles are too hard, so it takes a lot of guesswork to enter numbers in, which it penalizes you for entering a wrong number in with the four hearts issue. Run out of hearts and it penalizes your time. What? Also, you'd think someone could program a random sudoku puzzle generator. I've seen it done on a Game Boy Advance version of sudoku, so if it can be done there, then surely it can be done for PSP. Also, all the target times for the "mild" puzzles are 9 minutes. Which is a feasible time...in case you're Stephen Hawking. Dammit. It usually takes me at least 15 minutes. I'm not always in the mood, but when I do, I pick up Go! Sudoku because it's better than the one in the paper, especially during the weekend. They always put the hardest puzzles in the paper on the weekend. Same with crossword puzzles.


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