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Cruiz'in "May Bubsy Trivia Month" in Twitter-September 2015




During the month of May Noxid tweeted a new Bubsy fact every day. I really got a kick out of some that Noxid and Pingurules came up with. I asked Noxid if we could feature those daily facts here and he wrote back:


"Hey Doc!


No problem, I've got all the original images...

Feel free to share! I take responsibility for any inaccuracies, but to the best of my knowledge they're either truthful (at time of writing) or unverifiably correct, the best kind of correct ;3"


Agreed. :D So in order, here are the BUBSYFACTS!
























































Fact Comments:


1. Super Bubsy: With improved graphics and sound. Also where you get to see the Bubsy TV pilot.

2. Gold X Award: Nothing found on it so far.

3. Rob Paulsen: Sometimes I watch animaniacs and think of the many things Bubsy could say. Or use as voice samples for Bubsy.

4 What could possibly go wrong: Yeh they wore that in the ground. Always wondered if it was like Pewee's Playhouse where they had the phrase of the day. So the next episode entitled "Pilot's License, what for?" would feature that phrase through the episode.

5. Eyeball volume: Looks about true.

6. Bubsy as a name: I think I have seen some hisspanic families use the name.

7. Sonic as inspiration: Why not? Sonic was awesome. And in the end, since Sonic was not on SuperNES Bubsy became a Sonic for those gamers. I have met many that had fond memories of the first game, at least till the internet told them otherwise.

8. Undocumented Bubsy cheat: XLTNGBUGMB = pingurules figured out what the cheat code in fact #8 does!

"when you enter this code, Press Triangle + Select during gameplay for invincibility."

(Well done! I want to try this now!)

9. Bubsy 2 - Along with Mike Berlyn there was also Scott Williamson as programmer being different. The mechanics and float are a bit different. Bubsy 1 code was used to start Fractured Furry Tales so that is why those two feel similiar.

10: Stacking Bubsy's: I love Bat Bubsy. :D Some of the art used in these facts are great.

11: Digits of PI: Did not know, awesome fact. If Gamespot and the Cutting Room Floor is correct on the codes this is statement would be true for all but the third level code.


12: Basement Boys : A nod to C=64 days, nice!

13: Bankrupt: While this is a true fact, I like how the artist featured the red and green colors (player 1 and player 2 exclamation marks of first Bubsy game) and yellow (the exclamation marks of Fractured Furry Tales). Nice touch! And shows both Accolade and Atari.

14: Promotional merchandise: Also available were sunglasses from Babbages, and the T-Shirt promotions for Bubsy 1 and Bubsy 2.

15: Mountain Cat: Sponge Fox illustrated that and one the Bubsy Fan Blog helped with. :D

16: Most popular Bobcat on Playstation: Hard to disagree.

17: Kevin Macklin: That is interesting. Will let you know if I get of anything about him.

18: Comparison to a Ballzooka: That is one thing I liked about Bubsy, he made the Ballzooka look huge like he was carrying a gatlin gun. When I would get a Ballzooka it was about the size of a sawed off shotgun. I was like "That's it?" :D

19: Woolie Queens separated: See, now there is some good ole cartoon violence right there.

20: Top speed: Actually in line with the actual speed of a Bobcat:


"Bobcats don't do a lot of running, yet they can reach speeds of 25 to 30 mph in short bursts. They lie in wait for prey or stalk it, rarely needing to run it down."

Strangely, that is exactly the description of how Bubsy gameplay works.


For the next two Noxid said:

"There are two facts that weren't actually made by me, I was busy for a weekend and another fan (Pingurules) made 21 and 22 in my absence"


21. Snake Eyes: Loved seeing a reference to Snake Eyes. Noxid added in a conversation with me:

"You can't ever see him normally besides there that I know of though, but if you use the password "XURASNAKER" then bubsy's regular textures will be replaced with this one where he's got an eyepatch and some stubble and the Shadow Bubsy shirt. Still plays the same though, it's just graphical."

22: Totally Authorized Answer Book: That is true, and there is a book for "Bubsy 1 & 2" also out there.

23: First voice acted character of the 16 bit era: the trick here is "of the 16 bit era". Of the mascots, yes he was. If you go further back you have Intellivision with the voice module which actually were digitzed from voice actors. But Intellivision is the 8 bit era. ;) Other than that, GO BUBSY! :D

24: Closer to Atari VCS/2600 launch date: 15 years from the first Atari cartridge system, 22 years since Bubsy 1. True true....

25: If you let Bubsy in your heart he will never leave you: I think cats are just that way. ;)

26: 190,000 copies sold: I see Bubsy in stories and in flea markets all the time so that seems right.

27: A new Bubsy game: We can only hope. Bubsy has been gone long enough and now fans are learning to program and make their own games. Bubsy 3D 2 with the museum is one example of what is possible with some basic doodling. I'm sure better games are around the corner.



Love a lot of these BUBSYFACTS and maybe Noxid, Pinurules, and other Bubsy fans can make another month of it sometime? Maybe the month of May can be Bubsy facts month? Either way thanks Noxid for making that happen.


And as we leave today, a picture from Sponge Fox "Yamaneko Bubsy's Moment of Zen and Yarn".


Later Bubsy fans!




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