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04 - Club Drive



Download or listen to the podcast episode at atarijaguargamebygame.libsyn.com/04-club-drive


Mix up the driving genre with Club Drive, a game where the ideas are big and biggest fans may be little, a game with tunes on the radio and cheese on the floor.


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by Greg Sewart, not Greg Stewart, as I misspoke in the episode.

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As promised, here is an update on a particular feature of a hidden area in the game. Since I wrapped the hidden stuff in a Spoiler Alert in the episode, I'll present this information in white text. You should be able to highlight it with your mouse cursor to view.



Have you ever wondered why there's a rocket behind the Atari headquarters? I sure did, so I asked my confidential informant about it. He said that Jerome and Todd used to set off model rockets of all shapes and sizes in the parking lot behind the building. They even tried strapping rockets to an RC car! They did this sometimes while a new build was compiling, and other times just for fun.


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