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Mr. Ultra can jump over enemies



I added a few enemies. I don't know why, but I spent the whole night last night fighting with the stupid thing to make it work right. Now I'm at a good stopping point now that I've got both enemies and a hole to jump over. The collision detection code broke, it wanted to say there was a collision after the bananas walked off screen, so I had to make new collision detection code. The original banana enemies were tiny. I put the ones I designed in and you could barely see them. So I had to make them bigger. Oh, and you can't jump on them, you have to jump over them. I hated games where you couldn't jump on enemies to kill them, but now I know why they did it that way! And after I was done, I went to sleep. I spent all Tuesday afternoon sleeping and woke up and it's now 7:20pm. Next up is level course design, but I'm going to stop for now. While I'm stopping, I can think up of a reason why bananas are walking around in my game.


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