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I see a pattern arising here. My Mr. Celery episodes are 32k. And now that I am working on Mr. Ultra for Game Gear, I think I am just going to make it a 32k game as well. Although there are some differences. The Atari 2600 was made so long ago that in order to make a 32k game, you have to do a ton of bankswitching (8 banks in a 32k game.) With the Game Gear, a 32k game is just two banks. My include files for Mr. Ultra are only about 1 or 2 k, so my plan unless I am unable to do so, is to put the game engine in bank 0 (the first bank) and all the include files in the second bank (bank 01.) I suppose I could make Mr. Ultra 64k or larger. But I don't see a need to if I want to have about 8 or so different stages in the game. I'm going to take a rest from Mr. Ultra now since I have no ideas for a third stage, or enemies to put in it. All I know for stage three is that the enemies will jump and move left at the same time. A hybrid between stage 1 and 2 enemies. After amassing about 80 Game Gear games, you tend to think that the Game Gear is so much better than the Game Boy. And after I order my Game Gear Everdrive, I will continue to collect Game Gear games. They're that cool.



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