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Pineapple 64




This is a new Virtual Boy game I'm working on, so don't get confused. Here is the title screen for it, which is about the only thing I have done so far.
I also made an introduction with the standard warning and calibration screens, along with the standard now, at least for my games, CHRis's CHRappy CHReations screen. Since the CHR screen had music, I was trying to make it so that its music didn't get into the title screen. After an hour or so, I got finished with that. This title screen also has music which I composed. You can move the game selection pineapple up and down with the select button, but pressing start doesn't do anything right now. Nor will the "continue" option for a while. I would really appreciate someone to make for me the sprite of the guy walking around. Nothing fancy, just a 2 or 3 frame animation of a guy walking. I am planning to work some more on this, doing the intro movie (which will play if you select "start new game.") I have made an all new font, which will display at the warning screen and during the introduction movie. The intro will explain the premise of the game, and the game will start right outside Quincy's house. I have yet to compose the intro music or make screens for the intro. I will be hard at work because I would like to show the intro on January 1, 2016. And, in case you're wondering, the text on the title screen is in front of the pineapple picture. This just looks the way it does since this is a 2D picture of a 3D game console. I just got an idea for an enemy though just sitting here typing: A banana-fearing skeleton with pants on. Why do these skeletons fear bananas? Because they're scary good. Why are they wearing pants? Because without them, they'd be naked, silly.



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