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Jupiter Ascending related rant



Yesterday I worked from home while my wife watched Jupiter Ascending. This is a rant about the ending of the film versus the worldbuilding.

The universe of Jupiter Ascending assumes the creation of an immortality serum based on Human Resources and takes it to a reasonable conclusion: those who control the production of the serum would become extremely wealthy and powerful. (After all, who wouldn't want to live longer and what would you be willing to pay to achieve that.)

The producers would also be virtually immortal themselves, given they have easy access to the serum, which would enable them to "take the long view", including seeding planets with organisms they could later harvest. Any ethical / moral code against this form of production disappears from society over time, especially since those in favor of the practice can simply outlive those who object.

Into this world enters Jupiter Jones - a "genetic duplicate", and therefore the heir, of a recently deceased matriarch of the family which "owns" and harvests Earth.

But rather than try to actually deal with the situation, the movie has Jupiter "live happily ever after" on Earth. (Where I suspect she would have a very short life, given the violence her "children" are willing to use.)

You'd think after the various action sequences of the film, Jupiter would be smart enough to see the only chance she has of seeing her next birthday is to become the matriarch. At least as the matriarch she has guards and advisers (Caine too, even) who probably have a vested interest in keeping her alive. And as matriarch, she will be in a much better position to protect Earth and possibly work out a way to end the harvest. (I'd start with a little industrial sabotage - poison a small percentage of the serum so no-one wants to take it or risk dying.)

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Very good points. I thought Jupiter Ascending was a great Flash Gordon movie personally.


Jupiter was Dale and served mostly to be rescued.

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