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KAHN games the NES homebrew king :)

Crazy Climber



Although Atari 2600 is my baby, I do really enjoy the NES. I collected for that system very heavily in the late 90's, early 00's (if only I would have kept everything I would be rich!! Famous last words of a collector, lol) The NES really has a decent Homebrew scene as well, and one of my favorite programmer/publishers is a company called KAHN games. He made a Game called Study Hall that me and my daughter played religiously for months straight. Well, since I tend to "make something" for everything I like I made a KAHN games logo for my garage. I would like to think it has helped him sell a few games as I have had a few people ask what it is, then I give them a detailed description of how awesome his games are :) Probably not but I hope it has since anyone who likes the NES should like his games.




I didn't do anything to flashy with this logo since the original logo is not too flashy itself. Just an 8-bit "K" with a surrounding block border. I used a brushed aluminum on the back piece to give it some depth and a flat black on the front piece so the "K" would stand out a little :)


If you buy one NES homebrew, buy Study Hall, top notch game that really captures the classic NES feel. Now, if you buy only 2 get battlekid as well (but that is a different publisher, lol but if you are a Megaman fan it is tits!)




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