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Intellivision Copter Command!

Crazy Climber



When I was able to help make a pack in for a new Intellivision game I was pretty excited! I had the option of two games, Brick out and Copter Command. I really drew a blank with Brickout, I could only come up with, well, a brick, lol. I had some better "ideas" of course but the limitations of my machine ruled out astronauts and other awesome fantasy art...I started drawing a planet but it just seemed to far of a stretch. Copter Command though seemed very doable, an aluminum cut out of the copter! Piece of cake!


I had some large chunks of black aluminum composite that I scored from a stash of left over material (I believe it was library, can't quite remember what we used it for originally) and I was able to make around 200 of them, exactly what he needed! I used black since that is the color of the copter in the game. Here is a shot of one of the pieces after I cut a hundred or so copters out of it...



It was a fun project and seemed to get good feedback. It's fun to be a part of things :) If anyone reading this has a project they are working on and would like me to contribute some way just let me know! Thanks!



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