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View-Master Virtual Reality Is Disappointing

Random Terrain


I tried the View-Master Virtual Reality viewer using an iPhone 5S and the Destinations View-Master Experience Pack. I had to search through a bunch of YouTube videos just to figure out how to

. After getting it set up and snapping in the phone, I was finally ready for an amazing 3D experience.


Every image I looked at in the Destinations pack didn't seem to be in 3D. It just looked like plain old QuickTime VR panoramic photos. After being underwhelmed and severely disappointed, I brought up some 3D videos at YouTube to make sure I didn't mess something up. Here's one of the videos that I tried:


Those YouTube videos were in 3D, so it was clear that I didn't mess anything up. There wasn't a big enough difference between the two sides in the View-Master pack to make it look 3D.

On top of that, I used the classic style View-Master starting in the late 1960s and the 3D images were very clear, smooth, and beautiful. The screen resolution of a smartphone doesn't even come close at this time in history. It's a huge leap backwards in visual quality.

My eyes hurt and my vision seemed to be a little messed up for about 10 minutes after playing around with this thing. I don't like the View-Master Virtual Reality viewer. I require a heck of a lot more pixels for a smoother image and better quality 3D.

Random Terrain


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That's a bummer, though probably not surprising results from the 5S with its smaller display and older CPU.


5S is 1136x640, so 578x640 or 369,920 pixels per eye.


6S Plus is 1920x1080, so 960x1080 or 1,036,800 pixels per eye.


That video is wonky on my 6S Plus. It was lo-res when I viewed it via Safari so I re-installed the YouTube player so I could control the resolution. When I switched the quality to 1080 it pinched the video :?



When I switched to 720 the video was the right size, but with a hit to resolution.


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I used an original View Master when I visited my parents house recently. They kept a lot of our toys for the grand-kids to play like my awesome 80s space Lego.


The 3D effect is amazing on the original View Master.

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When I was a kid, our family was on vacation somewhere, and we saw a guy with 2 SLR film cameras beside each other on a single tripod. My dad asked why he had 2 cameras, and he said it was for View Master pictures. That was cool, except I thought it was weird because the camera lenses were about 10" apart instead of about 4".

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