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I hate going to sleep. It's hard trying. I spend like 20 minutes just laying there bored out of my mind and unable to sleep. Eventually I do go to sleep, but after three or so tries of staying up for a few hours after the first try. Anyway, I accidentally erased the index.html for my website. I blame this on the stupid stupid stupid website hosting company who insists I log on every three or so pages of working. It was because of this I thought I was putting an index.html for a subsite when I had actually done it for the whole site! So now I have a little message explaining this and that it's under construction. I don't want to work on it now because I'm sleepy. Anyway, I FINALLY uploaded the correct .html file in the correct place. I guess don't work on maintaining your website when you haven't had any sleep. I only got 4 or so hours of sleep last night, so you'd think I would have an easy time falling asleep. No. So instead I somehow thought of the movie script I was writing and thought it would be better if it was a TV series. So I cut about 40 pages off, added an ending, and voila, the pilot episode is born! Armed with my trusty script-writing book I got for Christmas a few years ago, I am now ready to write more episodes. I couldn't think of a clever title for the show, so I just named it "Rabbit Turds In My Oatmeal." The show's premise is bizarre enough, I figured it should have a title that matches it. The premise isn't about rabbit turds or oatmeal, it's a total non sequitur. I am already working on the script for the second episode. Yes, I know, nothing will come of it, I'm just doing this for fun and seeing how many episodes I can make (again, just for fun.) So anyway, in case you're curious, I am linking the page to the "show's" page. I put show in quotation marks because it really isn't a show per se, just a bunch of scripts. This page was atari2600land.com's index site for about half a minute before I realized my mistake and corrected it. So here it is: http://www.atari2600land.com/rabbitturds/
Right now you can read the pilot episode. I looked at a page that had a few scripts of the TV show Bewitched on it. It was really interesting scanning them. They were between 35-40 pages long for a half-hour show. My pilot script is 40 pages long.



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