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#99 - Out Run Europa




So I bought Out Run Europa for the Game Gear. As it turns out, it's one of the few games that use the Maser System ROM for a Game Gear game. What's more, I was expecting a racing game, but I got a driving game with a goal. I don't want to do that, I just want to RACE. I guess I'll be doing that with Sonic Drift 2. Haven't been working on much except Action 54 for the Virtual Boy. I needed to change the name because I was alerted that some homebrewer used the title Action 53 for the NES. I spent hours last night trying to put in a score for the second game called "Candyman", where you eat candy and avoid cherries by closing and opening your mouth (the mouth on the screen). It wasn't going so well. Then suddenly, after introducing three variables for the first three digits of the score, I made it work. What's more, if anyone reaches past 99,999 points, they get a special message. I doubt any one will though. I'm still in the middle of programming this one, it's not quite done.



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