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ActionMax fun




So after it laid dormant for a very long time, I finally got out my ActionMax. I found the batteries. I take the batteries out of the console to prevent corrosion. So I put the batteries in. Next, it was time to decide what game I wanted to play. Since Halloween isn't near (I weep), I didn't want to be a police trainee, and I didn't want to shoot down flying things, and I didn't have the DVD player plugged in, one option remained: "Hydrosub: 2021" I did quite poorly, I only got 41. Or did I? It didn't show a chart showing how well you did at the end like it does with Sonic Fury. Anyway, even if the effects are really lousy (the credits contained "Puppeteers," I guess that's what they call the people who dangle the metallic enemies on the screen.) I still think it is a cool concept for 1987. I mean think about it. Here you had all these NES games and Master System games and all these other games with lousy graphics. Along comes the ActionMax, which has real life graphics. So what if the rest of it was kinda poorly done? The truth remains: It's fun. I had a lot of fun playing HydroSub, even though my back hurt because I hunched over near the TV set armed with my light gun. I still have most of the footage I did for Nightmare Nemesis I recorded on my camcorder still on the SD card, so all I need to do is buy the latest version of Pinnacle, get the footage off my camcorder, remake the eerie music, and I'll be ready to go to work on it. When I get my computer back, of course, and if it works okay, of course. I thought of a way to make things easier on myself so work should be faster and smoother. I hope to have this ready by Halloween. It's a semi-scary game akin to Pops Ghostly, but mainly scary in a weird way. And it will be the first ActionMax game to have a boss fight. I'm expecting Best Buy to call later today. If they do, I have to get my haircut tomorrow, so I'll go pick it up before I do that. Oh, and I still have a whole bunch of blank VHS tapes. Nightmare Nemesis will have a limited VHS run, with all the rest of the copies being on DVD. I have 10 blank VHS tapes, and I plan to keep a VHS copy for myself, so that means that 9 VHS copies will be available. I was making Bubba's Buck Blastin' DVDs on a request basis, and I plan to continue having an unlimited amount of Nightmare Nemesis (as long as my computer holds up!) I also find it sad that HydroSub: 2021 is supposed to be a futuristic game, but it's only 5 years away!



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