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I picked the right one



So I went to the game store. They had a whole bunch of new Dreamcast games. Nothing I would really like, so I picked the one least expensive for me that I didn't have. It turned out to be a game called Expendable. The game, which I have only watched the intro, is about someone making men to go and kill things with guns. You are one of the men who this thing makes, so since they can just make a new one if you die, you are thus "Expendable." I looked at Gamefaqs and lo and behold, it has a ton of cheats including a God mode. I tried the code for automatically ending a level and it worked! I think I need to read the manual more and understand it more, though. I have a few Dreamcast games I've never played that I keep meaning to do, but I never get around to it. My voice got a little better. Since the choking incident, I'm always careful now when I eat. I guess no more popcorn for me. I'm going to try and eat soft food now. I thought a Three Musketeers bar would be softer than a Peanut M&M bag, but the Musketeers bar has way more sugar. Both have more than a day's allotment. And a can of Cherry 7-up almost has twice! I wish they made Diet Cherry 7-Up. But I think I found why everyone is fat now. Either that, or they need to raise the allotment.


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