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RealSports Curling

Ryan Witmer



Did some more line work on the sheets. There's now a center line, and I have the hogline on the other end.

RealSports Curling, September 17th

You can also see the hacks on the left.

Due to sprite limitations, I don't think I'll be able to put the rings on the shooting end. That's OK, since they have no function on that side, in effect I have a one-sided curling sheet.

I also don't have the necessary objects to put the T line on. In real curling, this line is important since you can only sweep opponent's rocks behind the T line. In this game, I don't plan on allowing the player to sweep out opponent's rocks. The interface issues involved in doing so are too much to handle, so I think it's a reasonable omission.

I've also tested the rock motion. One of the rocks on that screen shot is actually sliding to the right. It correctly traverses the sheet... and then keeps going. The memory layout is such that the rock reappears at the other end of the ice, but one pixel lower.

I'm all set up to perform scrolling. I understand how it works now, it turns out that my initial assessment was correct, but precisely backwards. Now that I have that figured out, it's time to put the shooting code in.


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