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Do you know anybody who has brain lesions?

Random Terrain


My mother got an MRI recently at a hospital and found out that she has brain lesions near the back of her brain. I think they said there were five. Rumor is that she got those brain lesions from taking Tramadol, but there is no proof.

She has been slowly getting worse, having trouble speaking (can't find the right words or says the wrong words), gets numbers and letters wrong when reading, writing or typing, dropping things out of her hands more often, confusion about random things, and so on. I went to a dollar store the other day and got her a first grade reading workbook and she's even having a hard time doing that.

She is going to her family doctor tomorrow and I wondered if anyone who visits AtariAge knows anyone who has or had brain lesions. Did they get better? Was the damage permanent? Did they get worse? Did they have to get an operation or take a certain kind of medicine?


UPDATE 2016y_09m_28d_2001t

The doctor gave her a prescription for steroids and an appointment with a neurologist is going to be made soon.

UPDATE 2016y_10m_05d_2250t

Continued in the blog post below:

My Mom Saw the Neurologist Today


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Call a lawyer. The brain can be pretty resilient. People can relearn things even if damage is done. I've heard that aluminum contributes to memory loss and may be a primary factor in alzheimers and brain related problems.

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..another reason I say contact a lawyer is because when a doctor says "may" or "may not" in legalese this might be interpreted as "must" or "must not". If a doctor says "This must have been caused by WIERDDRUG." then you immediately have a case against them (and IN ENGLISH nonetheless). Like with Jury duty. The letter says you 'may' have to attend jury duty. This really means that if the case comes to light, you MUST (unless there are valid reasons against it). Legalese is where a cop pulls you over and says "Were you aware that you were driving above the posted speed limit?", and you answer "Oh, yes. I guess I was driving a little fast!". Doing this admits to the cop that you are a commercial entity that is being paid to do a service by 'driving' and are violating posted laws that pertain to said commercial 'driving'. When, in English, you are 'driving' you are 'freely traveling through the U.S.A.'. Your constitutionally protected right. You don't know that he is interpreting your statement in legalese. He says "Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law." This means it will be interpreted BY the court of law. They only speak legalese.

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