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Possible Grade IV Glioma

Random Terrain


Continued from my previous blog entry. My mother had two CAT scans and a special MRI on Thursday. Then she had the biopsy on Friday. The neurosurgeon said that it could take over a week to find out for sure, but based on his experience, it looks like a Grade IV glioma to him.

The neurosurgeon showed my sisters some images from the latest MRI and they took some photos with their smartphones. Here's one showing the thing on the left side of my mom's brain:


It's bigger than what was in the MRI from about a month ago.

Here's one showing the thing that is in the back/middle of her brain:


That one is also bigger and a different shape than what was shown in the older MRI.

I could be mangling what he said, but I think he basically said if it's confirmed that these things in her brain are cancerous, they can't be removed and any treatment would only add a few months at the most, not years. If this stuff is cancerous and my mom decides not to have anything done, she might not make it to 2017. For my youngest sister's sake, I hope my mom makes it past December so the holiday season won't be tainted for the rest of her life.

Random Terrain
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