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iOS programming - major milestone reached



My iOS game has reached a major milestone - I've linked the level creator to the play level so it's now possible to create a level and play it. In theory a lot of the remaining coding should be relatively standard and therefore easier.

Hopefully I can get my son and a few other friends / coworkers to use it to start creating levels

First I need to update it to Swift 2.3 so I can load it onto iOS 10 devices. (This is one part of the process I dislike, there's a lot of forced obsolescence in iOS development. In order to test on the current iOS you need the current version of Xcode, which needs the current version of macOS and you need to use the current version of Swift.)

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I've loaded the alpha code on my boss's and two coworker's phones, in addition to my son's and wife's iPods. Everyone is very impressed. (Although I think with the idea that I've created an actual iOS game rather than being impressed with the game itself.)


The transition to Swift 2.3 was relatively painless (although I still don't know how to create a Swift 2.3 project in XCode 8 - but if I need to I can create one in XCode 7). Renaming the project from the development name to the actual name was less than painless (the XCode "rename" only does one step of many), but I found a step-by-step YouTube video. Hooray for the Internet.


My current challenge is putting together the screen which will list all of the levels you have created. While XCode & UIKit have the basic framework (UITableView) - there's a lot of "write from scratch" instead of "tweak to suit". I've also had to write a bunch of sqlite interface code to handle the actual data. While there are some free toolkits out there, I wasn't able to get the nicest one to install correctly. I'm also leery of making my code dependent on someone else's (other than Apple's - which I can't avoid). And even the sqlite code isn't that bad with some help from a StackExchange post.

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