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Work on Aaron continues



I continued work on the Odyssey 2 game I've been working on for a few weeks now called Aaron the Aant. I had thought I solved a problem I was having with the aant facing the correct way until a glitch showed up that caused Aaron to switch directions when he was on the same hole twice. So what I did was checked to see if the hole was checked twice in a row and if so, keep facing the way he was the last time. Originally the code had Aaron's right foot cut off when he was facing left, but I figured out the problem (a shared variable), so I moved the offending variable to a different equ value and all was well again. At least I think it is. Playtested for about 7 minutes and nothing unusual showed up. So with 1,943 bytes used out of a possible 2,048 (If I wanted to keep it at 2k, which I should because there shouldn't need to be any drastic changes now), I am pleased with the result. I have been working hard these past few weeks on it, so it's good to see how far I've come during it.


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