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DON'T GO NEAR THE MARTIAN WATER! (Seriously, it's against the law.)



We have an international treaty not to explore water on other planets in fear of Earth germs and bacteria contamination. Had that treaty since 1967.

Alright, call me daft if you want, but I did not know this. All these years of all the Mars missions hitting everywhere BUT the polar caps and me going "Yeh, that's is cool, now how about the caverns or polar caps?" And now to find out we've been purposely avoiding them? That is like on Christmas morning someone saying "See all this cool shit under the tree? Yeh it's there, but don't touch it."

So what are our billions in tax dollars going to go for in the indefinite future with NASA and space exploration? Tons of DESERT photos. There might be oceans out there on Titan, or polar caps on Mars, some would say possibly lakes. Or subsurface oceans on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, but hell if we're going to go there.


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Yeh what a farce. The search for life on mars and elsewhere is a dead endeavor.


And if we did find any kind of life, imagine the religious upheaval. So they kinda skirt around the issue..

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