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iOS programming - a non-programming roadblock



So my iOS game is coming along smartly. User created levels are now stored in an SQLite database on the device, which can then be selected from a list (complete with icon showing the level). It's actually getting to the point where I might want to make it available as an ad-hoc download.

For testing, Apple provides three methods to get your code onto someone's device:

1. Connect the device to your development environment and deploy directly. This is what I've been doing so far. The good thing is this method doesn't require a paid developer account. But it requires physical connectivity and the app stops working after a short time (days, weeks?) and needs to be reloaded.

2. Ad-Hoc deployment. Requires a paid developer account and the device ID. But then the tester can download the app from a website.

3. Testflight. This is basically a pre-release of the final app. Not suitable for beta code (which is where I'm at).

My current problem is I set up an iCloud.com AppleID for my free developer account, but I have no idea what the password is. I've tried a couple of probable passwords without success. Unfortunately, I didn't change the password recovery email, so it's pointing to itself, and the authentication questions keep failing even though I'm fairly certain I have them right. (Maybe just the wrong case or something else stupid.)

What I need to do is work from home one day so I can find a way to talk to a real person with the MacBook in front of me and convince them to reset the password.

The alternative is to make another AppleID and use that instead.

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I had a flash of insight last night and realized what I used for a password. So now I should be able to sign up as a full fledged Apple Developer.

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