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Making progress in getting moved back to San Antonio

Bruce Tomlin


I've been moving back to San Antonio so that I can be closer to my mom; now that she's getting older, I need to NOT be on the opposite side of the worst traffic in central Texas, namely Austin.

Last week I got static IP set up on the house here in SA, and this past weekend I brought down the MythTV computer. It took me an hour or two to get it set up, but the guide data for channel 29 wasn't coming in. I suspected it was because I wanted to keep the old Austin data around (as reference for the 7+ terabytes of shows recorded on it), and sure enough when I deleted the old channel 29 (the UT Austin student station) and then deleted and rescanned the local channel 29, the guide data started coming in.

Then I started looking through recorded shows to make sure they weren't set with the "this channel" option, and was surprised to come upon a preview thumbnail of Tempest. It seems that last year, Texas Country Reporter did a thing on Joe Santulli and his little video games museum north of Dallas. (It also happens to have been rerun this past weekend, which was good, because the one I found had reception glitches in it.)

Anyhow, I'm ready for PAX South this weekend. (I see there isn't a thread for it in the Events section? I'll have to do something about that.)


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