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AdvII XE and the Icons of Adventure!



Today I worked on my to-do list of minor tweaks, including the Alternate Icons logic.

In the 5200 version of Adventure II, you could pick from various icons but they would not play any differently from using the default Sir Square. I started changing that in for Adventure II XE back in 2013, and gave the Crab and Bat special abilities, both can crawl over / fly over background graphics. Today I finished all of the icons' abilities and tested them.


- Knight Helmet and Blue Knight - I gave them more health and a percentage change that any dragon biting you will injure itself and flee off the screen. So you can kind of plow through the dragons a lot more using these guys. The game gives a +1 health point (up to your max) every time you enter a new screen,so if you keep on the move with the Knights, its harder to get eaten.

- Shield Alt Icon - I removed this from the Title Screen selection. You can only become the shield if you earn it as a temporary powerup.

- 3D Wire-frame Cube - couldn't think of anything so just changed his color for variety.


- Hand / Glove - this one has "Grip Powers" which affect the Troll's stealing. For every screen you enter, the game determines if Troll will successfully be able to steal a carried item from your grip, or not. It gives you just a little bit more advantage in the game. Of course, if you play a beginner level 1,2,or 3, the Troll is never able to steal from you , so this would be noticeable in Medium, Advanced, and Special games.


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