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Thought I Was Going to Bleed to Death While Getting Ready to See My Mom

Random Terrain


Continued from my previous blog entry. My mother has been in a hospice place where people go to die since the last week of January 2017. She was scared and lonely when it got dark outside, so I started staying with her at night and have been trying to sleep for at least a few hours at home during the day whenever someone could find the time to give me a ride.

I can usually get to that hospice place by 10 or 11, but it was almost midnight by the time I was about to leave on Monday night (January 6, 2017). The last thing I had to do was put on my shoes. Simple, right? Wrong! I had a small varicose vein that looked like an itty-bitty tiny little baby grape just above my right ankle. I usually put cream on it to help keep it from getting dried up, but I forgot about it during the past few weeks. So when I sat on the bed in my mom's room to put on my shoes, the tongue of my right shoe lightly touched the "baby grape" over the pant leg and the bottom of my pant leg instantly became soaked in blood and an amazing amount of blood was gushing down into my shoe.

It didn't look real. I'm pretty sure I hesitated for a fraction of a second while stuck in a temporary fog of disbelief, then I clamped my right hand down on my pant leg over the area, but it didn't seem to slow down the bleeding that much. I remembered that I heard a car door slam as I sat down, so I assumed that my sister was on the way back in the house. I reached over with my left hand and yelled for her on the intercom and pressed the loud buzzer button a few times, but got no reply. I thought it was kind of funny that I might die sitting on my mother's side of the bed before she dies at hospice.

I decided to walk as quickly as possible through the living room to the front porch while keeping my right hand clamped over the gusher. It felt like I was playing a weird deadly version of Twister crossed with a single-person version of a three-legged race. "Right hand red, now race . . . for your life!" My sister was in the driver's seat of her car with her eyes glued to her smartphone, so I yelled and waved to get her attention. I could hear blood dripping between the boards onto the ground as she ran up the new ramp that friendly people built for our mother in January.

We got my leg up on the railing while getting the rest of me down on the porch. That helped to slow the bleeding some, but it was still pouring out, so she ran and got a towel and wrapped it around tight, then called 911. The first responders had a hard time getting it to stop bleeding. They asked me some questions and told me to stop taking baby aspirins. They had a look on their faces as if the whole baby aspirin thing was doing more harm than good for most people, but they couldn't say anything.

It seemed like it took forever, but an ambulance finally came and I crawled up on the gurney and they rolled me down the ramp and almost

on the way to the emergency room. :)

I was in a room in the ER area for about three hours. When a doctor lifted off the stuff that was on my leg, blood squirted up like a tiny fountain about two inches high (rough guess), so she had a nurse get some kind of pad that had clotting stuff in it and wrapped up my leg again. The doctor said that sewing it up would probably create a worse problem, so they sent me home after a while when it was clear that no blood was leaking out into the wrapping.

I couldn't stay at the hospice place that night, but I was able to go the next night and every night since then.

Random Terrain
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Good God Almighty! What a story!


I was a Hospice Social Worker about ten years ago right before I became a Peace Officer.

Toughest and best job I ever had. I hope your mom is comfortable. Keep on trucking!

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We had the hospice experience when my stepfather grew ill from unspecified causes ("failure to thrive," they called it). It's not a lot of fun... I wish you the best of luck in dealing with the emotional turmoil that comes with it.

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That's scary. Glad you're ok.


I take vitamin e and fish oil , both of which thin the blood. I'd probably bleed to death if that happened to me.

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Sending positive vibes and warm thoughts towards you and your family, RT. You're being an outstanding son; also please take care of yourself as well.

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Thanks for the replies. My mother was in more and more pain for the past three nights and was waking up about every 10 to 30 minutes, crying for her mommy and screaming that it hurts. They finally gave her enough medicine last night that she slept the whole way through without crying or screaming. She isn't eating or drinking now, so it probably won't be long. Looks like they are going to keep her drugged up day and night until the end.

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Looks like 2017 isn't gonna be much better.


Best wishes to your family, sorry about your mom. :(. Just lost my dad a year ago, he was only 68.


Get your ankle looked at properly, that doesn't sound good.

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