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If You're Going to Go, Valentine's Day Is Better Than Christmas

Random Terrain


Continued from my previous blog entry. My mother died last night about an hour and a half after midnight (about an hour and a half after Valentine's Day). Maybe she held on long enough so she wouldn't die on an actual holiday. According to Wikipedia, Valentine's Day isn't an official holiday anyway, so if you're going to die near a holiday, Valentine's Day Is better than something like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The hospice place has a break room with vending machines and a microwave. I was eating supper in my mother's room around 9 pm and as I walked into the hallway to go down to heat up my food in the microwave, a voice that wasn't male or female said "midnight" in my head (I didn't hear it with my ears). I told my sister about it after I came back with my hot food. A doctor and a nurse said earlier on Valentine's Day that you never know, but it seems like mom probably has at least a day or two left. Later that night, my sister asked me if she should go home and sleep and I said that she might want to wait until after midnight to see if that message in my head had something to do with mom or if it was just an undigested bit of beef.

I was sleeping in a chair across the room that pulls out into an uncomfortable bed and my sister was napping in an uncomfortable recliner next to Mom's bed. Our mom was still alive around 1:15 and died somewhere between that and 1:35, so she didn't die at midnight, but at least the "midnight message" kept my sister from leaving so she could be there. She was glad that she didn't go home.

Within a few days, our mom went from talking and kidding around to not chitchatting at all or eating or drinking while breathing slow and hard in a jarring way, to Valentine's Day day where she was breathing fast with gurgling liquid in her lungs that kind of sounded like a coffee pot. At least she didn't have to go through that last stage for more than a day.

I should probably mention the thing that happened the evening before Valentine's Day. There were nurses and aids around our mother's bed because they just got done adjusting her position. I was sitting in a chair against the wall a few feet away from the end of her bed. Mom seemed to stop breathing and when that happened, the energy in the room changed. There was a hollowed out feeling, as if every drop of energy in the room was removed, and there was what seemed like a slight crackling in the air to me. I didn't see anything with my eyes, but it felt like a large continuous tentacle of energy shot out of my mother's body and hit me in the chest, then snapped back into her body. She started breathing again after that. I don't know if she was stealing some of my energy so she could live past Valentine's Day or what. It kind of felt like the water tentacle from The Abyss projected out of her body, hit me like a snake biting a victim, then retracted back into her body. Maybe I was sensing her energy while it was still connected to an astral umbilical cord? Of course, my chest hurt the most after it happened, but I still have a slight residual sore feeling in the area where she "bit" me over a day later.

Update (December 4, 2017)

I've read that it might be true that a human body can continue to live for a certain amount of time without the spirit body controlling it. For example, if a person is drowning, they might leave their body and see their physical body flailing its arms. Now that I've had time to think about it, that might be what happened in the last paragraph above. My mom probably died at that moment and her body was on autopilot for a while after that. I probably felt her spirit body rush toward me.

Random Terrain


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My condolences. It's hard, I have nobody left, all dead.

Thanks. I'm all dead inside, so it's not so hard for me. It's just hard for friends and family members.

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Sorry for your loss. I know the feeling- my dad died a week before Father's day in 2012. It's usually the holidays and other memorable dates that are hard afterwards.

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Sorry for your loss. My mom past away when I was 18. It will be 18 years ago this March. The sadness has never went away for me. You will always find yourself thinking about her at any random times. It does get easier, but it takes time.

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My deepest condolences.


It also reminds me I should keep more contact with my parents while I still have the chance. :-/

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