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Protection for Bad Home Putters

Random Terrain


My sister and I like to go to

or whatever miniature golf is available, but we usually don't have the extra time or extra money during the days when it isn't too hot or too cold outside. We decided to spend a few bucks and make our own home putting area with a Callaway Kickback Putt Cup and a Callaway Deluxe Putting Mat. The problem is that I don't see in 3D properly, so I'm bad at putting and miss the kickback putt cup more often than I hit it. My sister took me to Target the other day and I saw an 18.9 in x 39.3 in Mohawk Essentials Boot Tray and thought that would be perfect to keep my balls from leaving the putting area. All I'd have to do is cut off one side. I made a quick video tonight to show my sister that it works like I thought it would. Now I won't have to chase my balls around the room.






If I ever get rich, I'll buy The Putting Challenge Ultimate Edition that has 72 electronically changing contours and have the full
-like experience at home.

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I don't know if you ever heard of the Potty Putter but it exists if you ever want to do some "personal" golfing.


Never heard of it, but I'm not on the toilet long enough to need to putt or read or play games on a smartphone. It must suck to be a normal human. :D

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