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reboot redux



We've finalized the CDF spec, which has seen a major overhaul, and I've finished updating Stella to support it. As such I've resumed work on Draconian.

Currently the title screen & menu are back in place. All the routines have been rewritten due to the spec change. I also revised them for digital sample support, which requires 5 cycles of time on every scanline (though at the moment that's just a SLEEP 5, it'll be replaced with LDA #AMPLITUDE/STA AUDV0 when I'm ready for the samples).

As before the Start option is currently used to display console (2600/7800) and timer value (used for NTSC/PAL/SECAM detection). If you start the game you'll get the typical Atari rainbow screen. Hit SELECT to go back to the menu.


At the moment the ROM will only work on a Harmony Cart, and only on 2600s. There's a 7800 timing issue in the driver that Chris is still working on.

Additionally, due to the change in the CDF spec, you'll need at least Stella-5.0.0-pre7 which which is scheduled to be released later this week. Do note that starting with pre7 Stella will not be able to run the earlier Draconian CDF builds as the spec change is not backwards compatible.



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