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Collect Tutorial Index



This tutorial covers the writing of a 2K game for the Atari 2600. Since it's a tutorial, I put significantly more comments in the source code than I normally would. So be sure to download the source and read it along with each blog entry.

The tutorial does assume you have some understanding of 6502 assembly language. If you don't then check out the Easy 6502 tutorial before starting this tutorial - don't worry, it's not a difficult processor to learn*

* I taught this to myself back in 1982 (I was 15) by reading section 3, Machine Language Programming Guide, of the VIC-20 Programmer's Reference Guide. I didn't have an assembler at the time, so would hand assembly my code, type the results into DATA statements, POKE them into memory, and then finally run them via SYS.




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If you like. I added this because linking to Collect could be confusing as the first thing they'd see was the CollectMini source code entry. I added the brief description to help people locate specific information - specifically because somebody couldn't find info for "sprites" because it's really info for "players".

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The blog entries got a bit mangled from the AtariAge Forum Upgrade.  I've finally gone thru and fixed each blog post for the Collect tutorial.  While doing so I added a new COLLECT TUTORIAL NAVIGATION feature at the bottom-right of each blog entry.


Big thanks to @Random Terrain as his version of the tutorial proved invaluable in fixing the blog entries.

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That is amazing that you wrote this when you were 15 and even more incredible that you did so without an assembler. I remember being that sharp an passionate about learning assembly but did not accomplish what you did. Thanks for your efforts to share this with us.

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3 hours ago, JohnGri said:

That is amazing that you wrote this when you were 15


Just to be clear, I didn't write the Collect tutorial when I was 15. I was writing machine language subroutines on my VIC 20, such as a screen scrolling routine for a Super Cobra type game that was written in BASIC. The scroller routine was in machine language because it was too slow in BASIC.

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