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MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM and one Synth Drum




Last time the MIDI keyboard was talking to the Atari 8 running SYNDRUM3.BAS. This time the MIDI keyboard will be replaced by an Atari8 running MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM software(MMS). I needed to estimate the SYNDURM program's ability to respond to some faster tempos.


I have a good idea of the SYNDRUM software's capabilities but had to take a step back and organize the equipment and cords. With the addition of the mixer, the number of audio cords draped around the work area grew to the point I couldn't move without getting myself tangled in the mess.


The old drafting table was pulled out of storage and setup to hold the computers to be used as the synthesizers. Luckily it could be adjusted to a height that would allow the use of the mixer cart; also used to store office supplies. This will work for now and will consider custom shelves if/when a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th computer is added to the MIDI chain.




Now the equipment is set up as follows:


A netbook with an AtariMax SIO2PC and APE software is hooked up the a 130XE running MMS. The Atari8 sends out MIDI data to a MIDIMax in the SIO chain. The MIDIMax then outputs MIDI data to a MIDI shield equipped Arduino. The Arduino then checks for command and data and sets the Joystick ports accordingly. An Atari 800 then reads the joystick port and makes the appropriate sound. The audio coming out the monitor jack and into an input jack on the sound mixer. The sound mixer output is then connected to the audio AUX input on the DELL desktop computer where it is recorded using Audacity software.


The ZIP file contains an ATR with MMS files and MP3s of the recorded computer outputs as described below. Not much of any musical value but if you are following the progress of this project you may find them of interest.


one drum.zip


MMS test 1 - play each of the drum sounds


The drum pattern ONETEST.MUS was created in MMS to play through the drum kit sounds. I found the MIDI chart in the previous blog to be in error. TOM 5 was note C3 not D3. The corrected chart:




"Single Drum Sound TEST.mp3" is a recording of the drum sounds. No FX have been added.


MMS test 2 - Tempo


A really bad drum pattern (TTEST.MUS) was created out of 1/8 and 1/16 notes on Voice 30. Voice 1 was used to set the temp at 100, 140, 175, and 250 before making the jump to play voice 30. The sounds were starting to miss fire at around 200 due to BASIC's inability to keep up. Recorded as "Synth Drum Tempo test.mp3".


Play Time


I could have stopped there but I had to play around with the knobs on the mixer. The pattern was repeated and the FX knob was randomly turned and set. "synth drum FX.mp3" is a recording of that endeavor.


At some point I took a brake and recorded YAKSAX.AMS to YAKSAX.mp3 using FX#??(because I forgot to write it down). Will I ever tire of playing with this knob?


There will be a lot more playtime when the second Atari8 drum is added to the MIDI chain. Maybe even something worth a listen.


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