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Starfield returns, new station cores



Starfield's back. New station cores are in place, they look awesome!

As a reminder, this is what they looked like in the DPC+ version:

Due to TIA limitations, the station cores may not always be drawn in red when 2+ are shown in the same horizontal zone. In this screenshot taken with phosphor mode on:

you can see how flicker logic causes the rightmost station's core to change colors because on some frames it must be drawn using a missile instead of the ball.
blogentry-3056-0-97654900-1495593633.png blogentry-3056-0-52092600-1495593638.png

Also note that there's some slight hiccups I still need to track down, such as the cores become misaligned as they scroll off the top of the screen:
blogentry-3056-0-27518300-1495592755.png blogentry-3056-0-42267700-1495592759.png

Left Difficult A shows time-remaining in Vertical blank and Overscan:

For Harmony on a 2600*

* we discovered an issue with Fast Jump that required an update to the Harmony/Melody driver as well as Stella's implementation of it. As such, you'll need Stella 5.0.0-pre8 or newer, which isn't available yet. For those of you using OS X, I previously posted a pre_pre8 build that'll work with Draconian

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I added a screenshot from the DPC+ version to show the difference in the station core.


Also Nathan's making great headway on the label, can't wait until y'all get to see it :D

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iesposta's on board for the sound effects and samples. As such, I'm taking a slight detour to create a new program, audio, which he'll be using to create them. Hope to finish that tonight, or early tomorrow, then I'll be back to work on tracking down the misaligned cores glitch.


After the glitch is fixed I'll be working on making the game playable again.

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I've finished the audio program for iesposta, but still need to work up some documentation on how to use it. It's late, so I'll be wrapping that up tomorrow.

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